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.The warrior reached down and scanned what was the dwarven equivalent of architectural blueprints, except it was for a weapon."Interesting," he said and tossed the scroll aside.He knelt down beside the semi-unconscious dwarf."You know what? I've killed eight Harpers today, fourteen elves and nearly finished off Doctor Pierce.If you don't stand up pretty soon I'll add a dwarf to my list."The smith swallowed and grimly got to his feet despite the groggy feeling in his stomach.He hadn't felt this awful since the morning after a dwarven mead drinking contest.He hated to admit it, but even dwarves get hangovers.Chev glanced around the somewhat crude shop, eyeing the merchandise."I was thinking of something similar to a rapier, but with more power to it."The dwarf's mouth twitched out of fear when he spoke but he did so nevertheless."A rapier is a wussy weapon.It takes talent to wield one properly but you're hitting the anvil right on when you say it needs more power.""Something similar to a short sword perhaps? I want to be able to wield it in my left hand."The dwarf wrung his hands and tried to smile despite the circumstances."A saber might be-""Doctor Pierce's weapon is a saber.No thank you.""A cutlass perhaps?""Perhaps but its not good enough for stabbing.I need something that is more versatile.""Versatile," the dwarf almost grumbled in mimicry but chewed on his lip instead."I'm afraid I can't help you.I-" He stopped and his eyes nearly bugged out as he stared at the sword poised ready at his throat."Then you better tell me where I could find weapons that suit my needs."The dwarf wrung his hands behind his back and stuttered as he tried to think quickly."Well, uh.I, um, think you could-" He stopped and took a deep breath."You could find the best weapons there are at the Academy.""The Academy of Combat?" Chev asked, slowly withdrawing his sword."Ah, yes," replied the weaponsmith nervously."They have perhaps the largest collection of rare and magical weapons along the Sword Coast."Chev shrugged and punched the dwarf solidly in the chin.He wouldn't kill this dwarf afterall, but he couldn't afford to have the smith running off and telling the city guard of his destination.Valeska Ko'Ragur was accustomed to things going her way.It was simply one of those things she had been raised with and become used to.If they didn't do what she wanted them to, she used her knack for charming or outwitting someone.This was not the case when Chev pushed her into a booth and sat down across from her.It didn't take a seer to figure out that he wanted something, but it did take her a moment to recover from the shock of meeting him again.Let alone here.After hearing about his handiwork of the last couple days, she preferred to keep her distance from this incredible warrior.The question that raced through her mind now however, was whether she could stay alive that long.She was incredible with a crossbow, but up close against a fighter such as Chev? Mince meat, she mentally concluded.Chev laid a dagger on the open table in front of him and glanced around the Yawning Portal."You'd think we'd both know better than to wander around the dragon's den.I know my reasons, but what are yours?"Valeska shrugged."What better place to learn more about the dragon? I must state however that my skills at disguise are far superior compared to yours."Chev conceded that point with a nod."That's why I'm here.I need your expertise.""You want me to disguise you?"The warrior snorted and shook his head."No, but I do need someone to help me get into the Academy."The drow bard raised an eyebrow, thinking that she had overestimated Chev's intelligence."Well, you could simply walk in, ye know-""I was referring to the vault."She sat up straight at the mention of latter word."The magic vault? Did I hear you correctly? You want to get into the Academy's vault?" She kept her voice low and even despite her mounting hysteria.Chev nodded slowly.He knew it would be a challenging task but not impossible.Still, he was concerned by the amount of respect Valeska apparently held for this vault."What do you know about the vault?"She shook her head as if breaking a spell."Well, lets see.Number one: its perhaps the largest vault in all of Waterdeep.Number two: its also the most well defended.Number three: its magical traps are designed by Marque Draque.""Which means?" Chev prompted."Draque is the most paranoid mage in Waterdeep and he's also considered a master thief.He knows the methods thieves use to get into a vault and has a reputation for having an arsenal of spells that are the most complicated, dangerous and altogether unique.No doubt he has a trap set for everything a thief could possibly do.""But you're not a full-fledged thief and magical traps can be dispelled, correct?"Valeska tried to look for an alternative but knew Chev was too smart for that."Yes, they can be dispelled, but my-""Your skills should be more than adequate.You and I are going to go in there and we're going to ransack that vault.You are going to need plenty of time to do so however, and I realize that." He smiled and took a sip from his mug of mulled brandy."Which is why I'll be providing a long distraction."The bard narrowed her elven eyes at him."And what's in it for me asides from nearly getting killed and a lot of gold in my pocket? I've been around too long to throw my life away simply to get rich when I have much better things to fight."Chev took another quick sip and cleared his throat before singing:"The drow on the bow seeks no hardshipShe lives her life with power and whipCarrying chaos she imposes on slavesLeaving behind nothing but shallow gravesLife is but a game for our dread goddessCan you guess the goal within her bodice?"Under the table, the drow bard clenched her fists and ignored the drawn attention to their booth from the tavern's other patrons."You've done your homework," she hissed."Do you mean to blackmail me into helping you?""Did you mean to give me the names of Harpers that deal with the drow only?" Chev rebuked."Nay, I won't blackmail you.Indeed, I believe this will aid you immensely.""In what way?""Your infamous reputation.You want the drow back home to revere you and follow you in a rebellion against the matron mothers.To do so, you must win their admiration and that is very hard to do when you're so far away, is it not? The only time they hear your name is when pieces of your poetry, or news of one of your assassinations trickles through the ground and back home." He took a quick sip and stared deep into her eyes, penetrating her will."Think of your reputation if you run off with the Academy's vault?"Gambling had been a favoured past time in Pierce's youth, and his skill at sleight-of-hand had nothing to do with his ability to always win at cards [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


Acta est fabula - sztuka jest zakończona; historia się dokonała; przedstawienie zakończone; opowiadanie (temat) zostało skończone. Oktawian August